torsdag 18 december 2008

Unrealistic dreams?

Oh my, I get exhausted from reading some blogs — baking, shopping, cleaning and decorating — where do people get their strength from. The old-fashion Christmas a lot of people dream of, took a stay-at-home-mom with several servants to put together.
Sometimes I wonder if most of us carry an inner picture of a Christmas that never has existed in the material world.

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  1. This is really a comment for the Katherine Mansfield quote from - I think - yesterday.I was reminded of Anne Fadiman's book Ex Libris, which you would like if you have not already read it, and if you have, too!

    She wrote of how she and her book-loving husband had been married for six years before the took the great step of merging their libraries!

    And also, I was a stay at home Mom and when I was younger I did so much for Christmas and it was our joy to do it. But now, a widow nearly 64, I am happy to cut down and do some things at the homes of my daughters. Very happy!

  2. No I haven't read ExLibris so I've put it on my list for books to buy.
    I've never done much of all the Christmas musts but in spite of that had wonderful Christmases. There are so many things I rather do if I happen to have energy - weave for example. Do you have any textile projects in progress?

  3. I don't weave though many of my friends do. I make quilts, sometimes.......My fear is that really I just mostly collect fabric! Today I am finishing a rag doll for my grandaughter Sofia who had her first birthday on September 8th. My son and I are driving to her home in Pennsylvania for Christmas, about a 4 hour drive over some almost mountains. I hope it will be ok. Not a good place to drive in a snow storm though I've done that.
    My daughters name in Emily but she is called Em. But you must be Margaretha? Whatever you call yourself, I thank you for your blog which is such a great inspiration and happiness to read. I wish you a joyful Christmas and happy New Year.

  4. Yes Kristi, I'm Margaretha - and am called so most of the time. I'll be thinking of you when you're out on the roads!
    I'm glad you like it here - and hope to see you again when you're back home.
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

  5. I also belong to the women who do not do all the Christmas "musts". Who in fact told us to do all these things? We do it because we were told by our mothers, grandmothers etc.. And they call it tradition ;-) ! I love to write Christmas letters to friends and decorate a little and then spoil my family with a good meal at Christmas. Advent should be a time of reflection, getting a sort of inner silence and joy. I don't have this feeling in the same way every year. But when everything is ok with my family and we can celebrate together, that's wonderful. I'm looking forward to the coming days and the holiday which is involved (I've got a new hobby working with fabrics, patching and quilting, and this also needs time). What are you weaving?
    Have a good time, Margaretha!

  6. Hello Barbara,
    It sounds as you'll have a wonderful Christmas - not too exhausted to enjoy it!
    As a vegetarian cooking is very simple - we actually have raclette on Christmas Eve followed by some yummy dessert.
    As for cleaning, I do clean the house from time to time (not very often though) but that has nothing with holidays to do.
    I'm not able to weave much these days - but I still have my studio hoping to use it more in the future. I mainly weave household textiles. For the moment "weaving" on the computer - which also is fun but not the same as the real thing!
    I've wanted to quilt for years and have tons of sketches but have never gone beyond small swatches.