onsdag 31 december 2008

Life’s quilt

Not long ago I had tea with three of my friends. As always when together with close friends your conversation meander like life self — from the deep and dark to the light and sunny subjects. We have all reached the age where, when you look back on the year, you more often than not, have lost someone dear to you.
My Amish friend has lost both her mother and her mother in law this year, in her Christmas letter she wrote about this hard year. And I thought that maybe not only my three friends might like to read what she wrote.

I used to wonder why the accolades are given so often after a person has departed from this world, but I finally had to think that a lifetime is somewhat like making a quilt, some dark colors and some light, and not always perfect. When a person has passed on from this world, we take the quilt of the frame and hold it up and admire the completed work, and see that in spite of some flaws, it is a very beautiful quilt and there is always something in it that we wish to copy in our lives. Each is unique and original and yet we do have some lovely examples left back for us that we thank God for, and ask for His help that we may serve and glorify Him that we may leave behind something beautiful of our own. May God help us to that end is our prayer and desire.

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  1. Someone once said that we live our lives looking at the wrong side of the tapestry of our life. The knots and trails of wool, and so on. Only when we die can the tapestry be reversed and the design seen in all its glory. I hope to get glimpses of the 'right' side now and again before I die, but I like the metaphor.

    i hope 2009 is good to you in every way.


  2. There are several textile metaphors - life as a weave, a quilt or a tapestry. All traditional female crafts - yes, I know there have been male weavers and knitters - but I think most of us think of it as female work. Have you ever heard life described as a piece of wood or iron? Well, I guess there are some in the bible like the potter....

    Wishing you a fantastic 2009!

  3. Så vackert skrivet!

    Ha det gott!

  4. Touching and very wise words of your friend and so true!
    A little late but nevertheless all my best wishes for a healthy, joyful and good new Year!