måndag 8 december 2008

Bread, snow and books

The rye bread turned out much better than I dared hope.
I have plenty of flour — which might come in handy if our driveway turns into a bobsleigh track. It has been raining today but there is still a layer of snow and the plow has passed a couple of times so I'm sure I can't get out with the car without some shoveling or pick axe as it is freezing now so I have a feeling a shovel won't be of any help....
We can manage without buying food for a long time even if it gets boring without fruit and fresh vegetables so I might have to use the taxi service I'm entitled to. I did it in the spring, using this sleigh I got when I was four years old.

It was hard work to haul medicine and books back up — but I did it. The big box contained books — amazing how much you can manage when it comes to books!

It's almost bedtime but I still have time to read some in the last issue of Slightly Foxed.
Good night!

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