lördag 20 december 2008

Saturday with Gutenberg


I found quite a few books today.
"The Seven Secrets" sounded interesting so I took a look at the book — but not even the fact that Queen Alexandra was one of Mr. Le Queux's most ardent admires — made the book less boring. But there were still enough to keep me occupied most of the day.

Next title to catch my eye was "Cobwebs from a Library Corner" by John Kendrick Bangs from 1899. It turned out to be poetry — very light poetry but sometimes amusing.

He writes bad verse on principle,
E’en though it does not sell.
He thinks the plan original—
So many folk write well.

He was a poet born, but unkind Fate
Once doomed him for his verses to be paid,
Whereon he left the poet-born’s estate
And wrote like one who’d happened to be made.

Flying is one of my passions (sailplaning) — but since I got grounded due to health reasons, reading about it is as close I get. "Learning to Fly — A Practical Manual for Beginners" by Claude Grahame — White Harry Harper, has lovely photos of old machines — and it looks much more adventurous than modern sailplaning.

I love all the books by L. Leslie Brooke that I've seen. Today I fell in love with his "The Tailor and the Crow, An Old Rhyme with New Drawings". Isn't this tipsy pig wonderful?

2 kommentarer:

  1. I love the tipsy pig, what a wonderful face, new author for me.

    Like you, I grounded for health reasons. Life is strange isn't it?


  2. Yes, life has a habit of surprising me all the time. Being grounded is not among my favorite surprises but books are wonderful companions when you can't do much else!
    You can find more books by Brooke at http://www.gutenberg.org/browse/authors/b#a3547 both books he has illustrated and written.