torsdag 8 januari 2009


Today I spent some hours in the studio while the plumber was working there. It was rather cold and not much I could do so I looked through some boxes with yarn and thought of all the things I want to do.
I've always envied people who do not need much sleep — how much you could read, weave, sew, knit — and blog if you didn't need more than four or five hours of sleep every night!

It has been a gray day — but I prefer that to the very cold weather — it is back to more endurable temperatures again -7°C (19.4°F) now. So I could take my mittens off and take some photos without getting frostbitten fingers.

Strange how hard it is not to take dozens of photos of sunsets —I know that it never is as exciting to look at pictures of a sunset as it is to watch the real thing, but still I keep taking those pictures.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Do keep taking those beautiful pictures of sunsets, Margaretha. Our sky is so cloudy that there are none to be seen here.

  2. Beautiful photographs, I agree with Monix, please keep taking the sunsets. The snow we have here is not so deep, and not so pretty.

  3. I love the snow on berries, and the sunsets! We are at 12º f. this evening.

  4. Don't worry - I can't resist a sunset and will keep taking picture of them whenever they appear. Not today though as it has been a very gray day.