onsdag 14 januari 2009

A day in my life — part one

Another month has disappeared and it is time for "A day in my life" again. The day has just started, I've let my darling in and "tucked him in bed" (yes, he requires to be cuddled and talked to before getting his morning sleep), been down to the mailbox to fetch the daily papers and am now sitting in the library hoping it will be a slow and pleasant day. Up till now the year has been filled with appointments, electricians, plumbers and that kind of things. Yesterday we got the new radiators for our largest room (50 m²), which has been hard to keep warm with the old radiators. Now we're only waiting for a guy to come and install a ramp on one of our entrances.

So what do I hope to get done today?
A pie for a friend that is coming to see me.
Some mice work — I'm running a mice theme on a Swedish blog. Mainly pictures, but also text both in English and Swedish. The whole thing started before Christmas when a fellow blogger, Christina, got uninvited houseguests.
I need to catch up on mails and letters.
To read by the fire.

It will be interesting to see how much I managed of this — or if the day, as so often, takes off in its own direction and all I can do is to follow to the best of my ability.

But first tea!

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