tisdag 6 januari 2009

Amazon staff punished for being ill

The boys like to call on Mr. Leaf,
because he has such nice books.
But sometimes they merely
sit down and read them.
A couple of days ago a fellow blogger had a link to this article.

4 kommentarer:

  1. We've come some distance from that photo and the kindly words, haven't we. It was upsetting to read the article. "not breaking the law" they say.

  2. At least I remember old-fashioned bookstores - if not quite as old as in the picture - the kind of shops where they knew what I liked and even remembered what I had read. Sometimes when I couldn't find anything I hadn't read they brought me to the storeroom where I could look for books.
    I've read bad things about Amazon before - but couldn't find the article so I haven't said anything. I've also heard that they support the pro-life movement - which some people might like.....

  3. I just had to go searching about the pro-life thing, and this is something I found from nine years ago:

  4. Thank you Nan for checking the pro-life thing! That must have been the rumor I heard. One of Internet's backsides - you have to check everything.