torsdag 29 januari 2009


I found this lovely teapot on TT's Origami Page; unfortunately there is no address so I couldn't ask for permission to publish these pictures.
If you want something to serve with the tea I have an old recipe for caraway cakes here. I found it in one of Gutenberg's many cookbooks — I'll try to find out which, and publish the title later.


Take one pound of flour, three quarters of a pound of sugar, half a pound of butter, a glass of rose-water, four eggs, and half a tea-cup of caraway seed,—the materials well rubbed together and beat up. Drop them from a spoon on tin sheets, and bake them brown in rather a slow oven. Twenty minutes, or half an hour, is enough to bake them.

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  1. As I am very fond of caraway I am glad to find a new recipe where I can use it. Thank you, I am going to try it today and we'll enjoy it for tea time!

  2. I too, am a caraway lover and use it to most everything. It goes well with potatoes so we always serve it when we have raclette but also with red beets - check out the beet salad I wrote about January 15.
    En guete,