onsdag 21 januari 2009

Not much to blog about

But I do it anyway as I think these beet-potato pancakes have a potential. They were simple to make but something was lacking, I'm not sure what.

Grate (as fine as possible) 2 red beets and 2 potatoes and mix with ½ onion that is finely chopped. Mix and add salt and pepper and fry them. They must be rather small as they are next to impossible to turn otherwise.

An egg would make them easier to handle but they also need more spices or herbs. Maybe horseradish, or thyme — I'm not sure. And I'm not sure that I'll bother to figure it out either. I ended up eating them on hard

I've seen recipes for bread (yeast) and chocolate cakes with red beets — but I've never tried it myself. I don't think it gives much taste — it is rather the consistence and color you're after.

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