lördag 14 februari 2009

A day in my life — part one

Time again for “A day in my life”.
The last one, Jenny said yesterday.

It would have been nice to stay in bed this cold morning — but once I had the fire burning it was great to listen to the radio and checking out Gutenberg. Even if there were no finds today it is always nice to look at the books.
There were some interesting books though, like Pictorial Photographers of America. Three books from 1920 to 1922 with a mixture of very good and not so good photos.

Bookplate by Alfred Cohn, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Another interesting books was "Highways and Byways in Surrey" by Eric Parker with illustrations by Hugh Thomson. The book was written in 1908, I'd love to visit Surrey today with the book in hand to look for all the places described. I probably would be disappointed so it might be just as well that I can't go.
This book reminded me very much of a book my mother and I looked at yesterday — more about that later today.
I was also happy to find quite a few books by Oliver Wendell Holmes. I borrowed his "Over the Teacups" some years ago (not much about tea, if somebody thought that) but this is a book to go back to — which I'm able to do now.

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