fredag 20 februari 2009

Afternoon tea

Tea Time
Robert Hoglund
Tea may help your bones
You might assume that milk, with its calcium content, is the best drinkfor keeping your bones strong. But a new study, described for us by theTufts University team, reveals the benefits of tea-drinking for bonehealth. Researchers in Taiwan studied the tea-drinking habits of over1,000 healthy adults and also measured their bone density.Long-time tea drinkers - those who'd consumed it for six to ten years -had significantly greater bone density in the spine than those who'dconsumed tea for less than five years. And the tea drinkers had greaterbone density in the spine, hip and total body than those who did not drinktea. Interestingly, the type of tea consumed - green or black - wasn't afactor nor was the level of consumption. The number of years oftea-drinking was the key to improved bone density. So go ahead if youenjoy a cuppa - but don't forget that adequate calcium in your diet andregular weight-bearing exercise are both vital for keeping your bonesstrong throughout life.
To read more about this research, click here.

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