fredag 27 februari 2009

Afternoon tea

"Nobody can teach you how to make the perfect cup of tea. It just happens over time. Wearing cashmere helps, of course".
00000000000000000000000000 Jill Dupleix
000000000000000000000000000 "Old Food"
Tea. Dutch thee, Malay te, teh, Chinese dialect t'e (Amoy), for Mandarin ch'a whence Portuguese cha, Russian chaï, Persian Urdu chā (10 cent.), Arabic shay, Turkish chāy. The Dutch form has owing to Dutch traders being chief importers (16 cent.) from the far East, prevailed in most European languages. French thé, Italian , Spanish te, German tee. Italian having also cià. The earlier English pronunciation was indifferently tay, tee (cf. see).
Storm in a tea-cup is 19 cent. for 17 cent. storm in a cream-bowl; cf. Latin fluctus in simpulo (ladle) excitare.
From "An Etymological Dictionary of Modern English" by Ernest Weekley

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