fredag 14 november 2008

An uneventful day in my life

Woke to another gray-fuzzy day. I had to go to the pharmacy after breakfast as I forgot that last time I went shopping. Last night when I reached for a bag of fluids to start the IV I realized that the box was empty. I try to shop once a week or not even that often — but as I had no choice today I decided to do some grocery shopping besides going to the pharmacy, hoping that I don't have to go again until the end of next week.

Shopping (any kind of shopping) is not on my list of favorite things to do — but I chuckled when I saw this turnip-rump. Something for the vegetarian's Christmas party?
Back home we spent a long time at the kitchen table having tea and "smörgås" (open sandwiches) by candlelight, talking about shoes and ships.

I finished the 50 Christmas cards that have to be sent abroad — and decided that the Swedish ones can wait another week. Then I spent at least an hour looking for a blog I'd like to return to — but couldn't find it so I gave up and tried to decide which draft for color & weave I like the best. I have signed up for a color & weave swap in a weaving group I belong to.

I meant to look for a recipe where I can use the cream that soon will be to old for anything but the sink. Any suggestions?

It is already evening and all the things I meant to do but never got to, have to wait until another day. I'll finish my book and listen to music (Johann Melchior Molter for the moment) until it is time to go to bed.

3 kommentarer:

  1. That turnip-rump would definitely not pass the EU standards, em! Or perhaps it would now, with the relaxing of certain rules.

    I hope you are feeling rested after your trip to the shops. The afternoon tea sounds delightful.

  2. Is that your house across the water? What a beautiful scene, Margaretha. I love that "talking about shoes and ships." Lovely evocative words.

  3. Monix,
    I think that turnip comes from a local gardener who grows good if not straight vegetables...

    No, those houses are on the other side of the river. You can get a glimpse of our house if you go back to November 7. We're up on a small hill looking down on the river.