onsdag 5 november 2008

Books and life

Two days in a row I've received e-mails from friends who ask if I've stopped reading, as I haven't written about books in a long time.
I don't like to admit it but I read very little these days. When I have the daily musts behind me I'm content to sit by the fire and watch the flames.

This time of the year I'm busy making my Christmas cards — something I enjoy if I only start early enough not to get stressed. There is also the Advent calendar, which have become a tradition, a daily e-mail to my friends during Advent. So I'm afraid it takes a while before I can return to my books.
I have started to read Thomas Quasthoff's "The Voice" (Die Stimme), I'm not very fond of vocal music but Thomas Quasthoff is an exception. The book is very interesting but there is something with the language that makes it a bit hard to read. I'm not sure if it is the translation or the way it is written — but it seams to lack the flow that is characteristic of a good book.
I just got a mail from my Danish friends; they are passing here on Friday on their way back home from vacation up north. Of course I want them to stop, if only for some hours.

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