tisdag 18 november 2008


It is a bad plan that admits of no modification.
0000000000000 Maxim 469
00000000000Publicus Syrus
000000000000(first century B.C.)

If that is true all my plans are excellent — things seldom turns out as I meant them to. Yesterday I started the day full of good intentions; I should pay my bills, write some letters that I'd put off far too long, work on the Advent calendar and hopefully answers mails.
A friend called early in the day — she was about to order tea and wanted my opinion. Such an important subject as tea can't be dismissed too glibly.

After dinner (remember, I live in a rural area where dinner is an early affair) I ended up listening to the radio. There are so many interesting programs; unfortunately it is impossible to do any important writing or reading at the same time as you listen.

When the sandmand urged me to head upstairs to join him I hadn't done a fraction of all I had planned. This means I have no problem to fill my day today.

4 kommentarer:

  1. You know what they say "the best laid plans of mice and man", we all do the same and wonder what were we thinking, oh well there is tomorrow.

  2. I love tomorrow! I always intend to do everything I haven't done in the last 25 years tomorrow

  3. I love your windows everyday, Margaretha, and I love reading whatever you have to say. Everyday I wonder why I made a plan for that day because things change before they even happen!

  4. I don't plan a lot - but there are things that have to be done and it is amazing how hard it sometime is to get it done...