söndag 30 november 2008

Today's window

Morning Solitude, painting by Piet Bekaert, 1939-2000

I still have window pictures that I'd like to show but I have decided to take a break from windows so this will be the last window in a while.
Every year I make an Advent calendar for my friends — or rather a daily mail during Advent. Some years ago I made one with books as a theme — I thought I'd share it with you on my blog this year.
Books are so much more than the pleasure of reading — books are beautiful, books beautify your home, books give you security and many memories. Not only memories of what you have read but also of a friend who has given you a certain book — or recommend it — or the memory of when and where I read a book for the first time — memories of discussing books and in a few cases the memory of an author.
I have chosen a text from a book for every day — I won't motivate my choice — and some days the text is very long.
There are Scandinavian authors I would like to share with you, but not many of them are translated into English and since I neither have the energy nor the skill to translate them, most of the texts are from books originally written in English.Some of you have asked what lucka (plural luckor) means — in this case it means shutter, the windows on an Advent calendar. So in a way I'll continue the daily windows.

You asked me where I generally lived. In my
workshop in the morning and always in the
library in the evening. Books are companions
even if you don’t open them.
000000000000000000 Disraeli, August 1878

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