söndag 16 november 2008

Today's window

Amour d'enfance, painting by Claude Lazar

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  1. Wow! I looked up the title - "love of childhood." Maybe a remembrance of a childhood kitchen? I went to your link about him - very interesting. I like his idea, but not so much the dirty sink, etc. Maybe it is less a remembrance than someone going back to a childhood kitchen after someone else has bought the place, and seeing it all dirty and dingy and not alive with family and life anymore? I do make up stories about your "windows" Margaretha. :<)

  2. I too was wondering about the title, making up answers. Sometimes a title you don't quite understand makes a picture more interesting. That kitchen certainly is dingy - but the light is lovely, and the light in a room can make all the difference.
    Once when I was very ill, I believe that it was how the light sifted through the window curtains (myggtjäll = Swedish lace) that kept me going.