lördag 6 september 2008


I have no idea how I did it — but some way or another I managed to get on-line today.

Today is the first rainy day — up till now the weather has been much better than we expected. So we're been sitting on the balcony reading — or just relaxing looking out over the water.

My darling took the trip in stride, slept most of the trip, and reminded us now and then that he suffered in the back of the car.
Our kind neighbors isn't here but knew that we were coming and had placed 25 l of water outside our door.

There are no blueberries, but I think I can get some lingon berries before going home. The neighbors have plenty of apples and plums so we'll survive the stay without getting scurvy.

We got a new roof on the house this spring and at the same time we had a deck made. Yesterday I made a bookcase of some of the leftover wood.

I sleep on the balcony and today my darling woke me up at six serving breakfast in bed - thank heavens, the breakfast was dead, that's not always the case.
Now he has curled up in bed — not much more a cat can do in weather like this

2 kommentarer:

  1. We have had all the rain in the south west of England. I am pleased that someone I know has remained dry!

  2. I love the fireplace. It is so cozy. Of course I'm interested in the book titles on your nice shelves. :<)