söndag 14 september 2008

A slow day in my life

Today my body told me to take it easy so it has been a very slow day — so slow that I wondered what to write.
Sunday mornings are always slow mornings in our house as we listen to our favorite radio program with baroque music between 9 and 11. (Alltid på en söndag, for those of you who'd like to listen to a Swedish program presented by a Greek).

From A Plain Cookery Book for the Working Classes by Charles Elmé Francatelli

I fed the bread maker which is super simple as I measure flour into bags before we go here, so all I have to do is to empty a bag into the right amount of water.

I started to tidy up a bit so that I don't have to do it all tomorrow (we're going home on Tuesday), moving one thing meant that I had to move another and after a while I ended up with a pile that I don't know what to do with. Some corners of the cottage look very neat while others look — quite disastrous.

From A Little Book for A Little Cook by L. P. Hubbard 1905
I took a short walk after I finished washing up , although the sun has been hiding all day and it is rather cool it was a pleasant walk.

Ironed a towel that I'll give to our neighbor.

After tea we listened to an interesting radio program about human personalities — how much comes from our genes and how much from the up bringing.
As I said earlier, it has been a slow day — I remained seated when the program was over and picked up a magazine, Språk (language) a magazine about the Swedish language. I only put it down to listen to another radio program, språket (the language), also about our language. If you didn't know before I guess you're learning that I'm quite passionate about language.

I'm quite sure nothing exciting will happen tonight so I'm going add this to my blog before I make tea and read some more.

We have all had a slow day.

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