fredag 12 september 2008


If somebody tells me that a book is wonderful and I have to read it — I usually stay clear of it. I think I've written about this childish behavior before. But this summer I made an exception and read some books that I normally wouldn't have read. I don't read contemporary mystery books or detective stories very often so this was a bit out of the ordinary.
One of my friends who works at the library thought I'd like the books about Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspeare — and she was right. She knows my taste in books rather well after all the years we've been discussing books.
I liked how these books dealt with the social problems in England between the wars and that I learnt new things about England and this particular time.
The other books many of my (American) friends have been praising are Laura Childs' Tea Shop Mystery Books. I've read the two first books, "Death by Darjeeling" and "Gunpowder Green" and I'm not sure what I think. Some hours' entertainment, yes — but not much more. I don't dislike them but find them very superficial. I actually forget to pick up the book and continue the story if I make a pause — maybe that says something.

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