tisdag 9 september 2008

How different we are

Many years ago I had a customer looking at fabrics — she liked a 3-shaft twill, typical for our part of the country. I told her that I had sewn both dresses and blouses of this particular fabric and I've used them a lot during the last ten years. She gave me a very strange look and not until later did it occur to me that most people have no desire to use the same clothes for ten years.
This happens quite often to me; I can get excited about things that most people consider strange. Like staying at an island — where all you can do is to read, take walks or think. I've learnt not to discuss it. If people are scared to death by the thought of staying in a cottage with nothing to do and no street lamps, no TV, no plumbing, no shops and now in the fall no neighbors — I can talk until I turn blue in my face about the wonder of watching the stars where there are no interfering lights, the marvel of a place where the only man-made sounds comes from the ships passing by and the pleasure of sleeping outside (with the risk of getting alive night snacks from my darling).

4 kommentarer:

  1. Your island sounds heavenly to me. I try to get away by myself for a week each year to be silent, to read and to think.

  2. I'm with you, except for one tiny item - plumbing. :<) "Reading, taking walks, and thinking" is quite my idea of paradise. In terms of clothes, when I find something I like, I buy several because they seem to not be available later on when I want them.

  3. Do you live in an island? or in Paradise.

  4. Sureando,
    I have a small summer cottage on an island on the Baltic Sea. That is my Paradise on earth - I was brought there the first time when I was eleven days old, and I spent all summer holidays there. Unfortunately, I live quite a distance from the island now, but try to go there for a couple of weeks twice every summer.