torsdag 21 januari 2010

Reading today

An Elegant Lady Reading Under a Tree
Karl Raupp, 1837-1918

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  1. Hi, Margaretha, I wanted to catch you here just in case you didn't see it on my blog. Your comment left me curious - have you ever tried to dye something with cherry juice? Also, I had forgotten that one of the 18th century petticoats that I wear for work was dyed with black walnuts. It was originally a deep brown but faded over the years. I re-dyed it with cochineal. But as far as its sustaining power on paper, I do not know. What I do know is that pioneers used black walnuts to make ink when store-bought ink was not available to them.

  2. Jodi,
    No, I've never dyed with cherry, but I have a white apron with small gray dots, dots I got while removing the stones. And those stains are impossible to remove - if they at least were cherry colored!
    But I once tried to dye with root beets after an old recipe - the result was very disappointing. But on the whole plant dyes are not as colorfast as lots of people think.