tisdag 5 januari 2010

It's still beastly cold

I'm just back to the fire after a brisk — as brisk as I could mange — walk to the studio. It's not very economically to have a house that you don't use a lot, but still have to heat. When I saw that the temperatures were plummeting again, I felt that I had to check on the house. I rather pay for the oil than for repairing frozen pipes! Paying for a new battery for the car is enough! The old froze the other day — and it has been rather complicated to manage without a car. It happened on December 30, and with all our holidays between Christmas and New Year I couldn't get it fixed until yesterday. And since tomorrow is another holiday I used the taxi-service I'm entitled to yesterday, and went to the pharmacy and grocery stores. Now we have food for over a week and I won't leave the fire until it gets milder!

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