fredag 25 september 2009


There are some things (quite a few when I start to count them) that can't wait. Fruit and berries are a couple of those things that you can't tell that you are too tired or busy to pick them and in one way, or another, take care of them.

I'm very grateful when it is only one thing at the time that needs my attention – right now the pears are at the top of the "do-now-list". I only picked one basket today, as that is what I can take care of in one sitting. Most of them are sliced and drying now. Some of them are waiting to become something tasty. I saw a recipe the other day, that looked good – but where?

I remember that I made very good pear butter last year, but I'm afraid that I improvised it and never wrote it down.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Pears are so wonderful. I have a pear tree and have to go look at it now. I have also begun to dry fruit - and vegetables and even tofu. My son bought a dehydrator and I was somewhat against it because I thought it would be one of those things that is not used much and takes up space. But I really enjoy using it and having dried things put away for the winter.

  2. Drying is so simple - I love it! My dehydrator is more than 30 years old and has no thermostat, so I have to be around and check the drying - but it is still very convenient compared to other methods. Not to mention that it is easy to store.