torsdag 18 februari 2010

Reading today

The Bibliophilist's Haunt or Creech's Bookshop
Sir William Fettes Douglas, 1822-1891

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  1. This painting reminds me of a place near our home called The Book Barn. It's a huge 19th century structure with 4 floors. I think you would like it. It has long stone hallways, arched doorways, little nook and cranny areas to sit and read. You could get lost in it, really. It's one of my favorite places. The weblink is:
    if you're interested in a virtual tour :)

  2. lovely painting
    How funny it reminds me of a book store that I used to go to in Cheshire called Barnbooks... at Peartree farm Norbury ...
    lovely place to browse old books and spend too much cash!

  3. Jodi,
    What a lovely place, I just watched the video.
    You need at least a whole day there!

    And we don't even have a bookstore where I live..