fredag 26 februari 2010

Reading today

A Child Learning to Read, 1848
Paul Delaroche, 1797-1856

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  1. I think they'd prefer a nice colourful, sturdy board book or two ...don't you?

  2. Haha Val, you beat me to it! When I first saw this, I thought, "Ooh pretty." Then when I really looked, I thought, "Someone ought to call Child Services." The mom looks so determined, and the kiddies look miserable. I wonder how heavy that book is, poor baby. When I showed this painting to my youngest daughter she burst out laughing. Margaretha, thanks for making our day.

  3. Also, by the expression on the older child's face, his thoughts toward his teacher seem less than charitable.

  4. Val,
    Yes, I do! They don't look happy at all.

    That's exactly how I reacted, I thought it was cute until I really looked at it.

    These kids will never read for pleasure - but I'm not sure you did at that time.