tisdag 2 februari 2010

Reading today

Ruth Addinall

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  1. I now have to write you how much I like to look at all the various pictures which you always chose for "reading today". There are so many different feelings visible in the faces or postures of the protagonists, telling stories about "their" way of reading or their connection with books. It's indeed very interesting. Thank you for all the effort you take to search for these pictures!
    Greetings from Barbara who still enjoys her wintersleep ;-) !!

  2. Barbara,

    I'm glad you enjoy the reading pictures - I have so much fun looking for them. Even if I have to admit that it takes a lot of time. Surfing the net can be very educating - I find painters I've never heard of before, most every day.

    You're wise to hibernate, but now when the light is coming back it is soon time to wake up. Yesterday when I was out, I closed my eye and tried to pretend that I was in Adelboden. I didn't quite succeed though - but I did remember one year when my mother and I arrived, by train, rather late in Basel. We had booked a room at a hotel near the station, and was to leave for Frutigen early the next morning. The very second we put our heads on our pillows we heard "Pfeifen und Trommeln" in the street. I think they were parading under our window most of the night - but after an hour or so we were so exhausted that we fell asleep in spite of the noise.
    Take care!

  3. These "Pfeifen und Trommeln" belong to Basel's famous "Fasnacht" (carneval). It will start again next Monday and people in Basel talk about the "the three most beautiful days of the year" as they are very fond of this very old tradition. Tomorrow morning we are going to Adelboden for one week. We need a little break and hopefully some sunshine. In fact we do not need more snow anymore as we've got plenty of it here too. Anyway, I like the fresh and crispy air in the mountains and long walks (this year I don't feel like skiing.). When we are back I hope to see some traces of Spring in my garden ;-) !!
    Enjoy the longer days with more light and stay warm!
    P.S. there will be an extra thought in Adelboden going up to Sweden :-) !

  4. Barbara,
    I'm wishing you a perfect week in Adelboden! I gave up skiing after som visits to Adelboden and went walking - there are so many lovely paths and ways suited for walking.
    Pat Adelboden on the back from me!