måndag 3 januari 2011

Woolly thinking

Interior, 31 Mornington Crescent
Spencer Frederick Gore
We don't have as much snow this winter as last winter, but the cold has us in a stranglehold again — just as the previous winter. It's only -15°C (5°F) today, but it has been between -20°C (-4°F) and -30°C (-21°F) for quite a while. Since you can't change the weather we bundle up in winter woolies and all the blankets and shawls we have, and stay close to the fire. Sitting there like stuffed cabbage rolls all you can do is talk, listen to the radio or your CD's — and of course read. And drink tea, if you can disentangle an arm to reach the cup. For some reason, hot drinks doesn't taste good when you use a straw.
As for books, I've mainly kept light goods at hand, as my brain dislike the cold and lay dormant in winter.
I've reread a couple of Betty MacDonald's books, as well as some of Agatha Christie's. I know for sure that I've read more than that, but the titles are stuck somewhere in my dormant convolutions.
I just started reading a Gutenberg find: "Dorothy Payne, Quakeress, A Side-Light upon the Career of 'Dolly' Madison" by Ella Kent Barnard printed in 1909.

Dorothy Payne Todd

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  1. Isn't that the best, best picture. I want to be in it. :<)

  2. Nan,
    yes, let's move in there!