fredag 14 januari 2011


The winter is ruling our lives also this winter. The temperature goes from very cold to mild in a few hours, which means that our drive way is more suited for coasting than driving.
Perfect weather for indulging in books — and since the computer is full of books, thanks to Project Guten-berg, I have no problems to pass time.

When Bess gave her Dollies a Tea, said she,—
"It's unpolite, when they's Company,
To say you've drinked two cups, you see,—
But say you've drinked a couple of tea."
From "The Book of Joyous Children" by James Whitcomb Riley with illustrations by J. W. Vawter

My darling is not a great reader, but he enjoys to be read to, so while he makes himself comfortable in the window I read to him from books like "Life and Adventures of Poor Puss" by Lucy Gray.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Books, cats, and tea make winter bearable. Do you have a favorite tea?

  2. Val,
    He better..

    Oh yes, what would we do without those necessities?
    I prefer rather strong black tea - like Assam, Ceylon tea or Darjeeling. Some thirty years ago i tried all scented teas on the market, and people thought I was odd. Today I avoid perfumed teas - and people think that's strange!