fredag 11 december 2009

December days

The river three o'clock today

It's still grayer than gray, and wetter than wet here. The temperature is said to drop, so we might get some clearer days.

Yesterday it was time for my darlings annual trip to the vet, to get his shot and to hear that he is a beautiful cat in good shape. So I managed to fetch the darling in the morning — and kept him inside, in spite of his protests — I had everything under control, until I was to start the car. It didn't start!
Instead I managed to finish my Christmas cards, and wrap a few parcels. The only problem was that without a car I couldn't buy stamps for the cards as planned. And yesterday was the last day to send them...

With the cards ready to send, I'm about through with the preparations for Christmas — I'm not the kind who scrub floors, change curtains, decorate and bake unhealthy stuff just because it is Christmas. This year we have an "adventsgran" (advent fir tree) — a small fir tree with four candles, standing on a table in the room we spend most time. But that's about it.

In our family we only give each other books, which we do ever so often the whole year, so I'm not sure if we can call them Christmas gifts. As my mother can't walk any longer, reading is about all she can do. She just finished Village School by Miss Read — a book Nan recommended. It was great to hear how she chuckled while reading, so now I have ordered more books by the same author. I'm sure crossword puzzles and reading in English, German and Swedish is an excellent exercise for the brain — my only problem is to find enough books. I'm grateful for suggestions for books you think might interest my mother!

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  1. Emily Davis and Miss Claire Remembers were both written by Miss Read. They are beautiful stories. Your Mom may like them if she hasn't read them yet.

  2. Jodi,
    So far my Mom has only read the first book "Village School", and I have ordered the nest two, Village Diary" and "Storm in the Village". I understand that there are quite a few, hopefully they are all as nice as the first one." In between the fiction she is squeezing in some books about art and some linguistic articles.

  3. You might like to see this bibliography of Miss Read's work, compiled by my friend Jerri Chase:

  4. Thank you Kristi,
    An excellent list to have at hand when I want (= can afford) to order books!