tisdag 15 december 2009

Reading today

Bequeathed, 1866
John Gibson

Mrs Emily Robinson was a daughter of Mr and Mrs Solomon d’Aguilar, early supporters of Gibson. Lady Eastlake records Gibson was friendly with both d’Aguilar daughters. He kept up ‘an occasional correspondence’ with Mrs Lawrence but 'his warmest friendship was contracted with Mrs Robinson who was a lady of great personal charms, and taste for the art. She devoted herself to the cultivation of Gibson’s mind, making him acquainted with standard works in poetry and leading him to a class of reading which greatly contributed to enrich his ideas.’ (Lady Eastlake, 1870, p.36)

This relief is the model for a monument to Mrs Robinson, which Gibson made for St. James' Cemetery Chapel, Liverpool at his own expense. The original marble is now in the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

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  1. I saw this marble in the Walker Art Gallery many years ago. I was a regular visitor there when I taught at the Liverpool School for the Deaf.

  2. Maureen,
    I'm so grateful for all art on the Web - things I wouldn't know of otherwise - but seeing things in real life is of course the best way to learn about art.