måndag 14 december 2009


Yesterday was sunny and rather cold, but it didn't last — the cloudy weather is back. But it has been snowing and it isn't as gray as it has been up till now. I just talked with the guy from the garage — remember, my car died the other day — and he said that the roads are very icy now. Might be just as well not to have a car. Our meals are getting a bit humdrum as we have run out of fresh vegetables.
My poor darling begs me to do something about the weather — he finds days with temperatures under 0°C unbearable. After a day inside he gets restless and require that I play with him. Hide and seek is one of his favorite games...

4 kommentarer:

  1. If your cat is like my dog, I think you must do all the seeking!

    Hibernating sounds like a very good idea if the roads are icy. Keep safe and warm.

  2. That is a very inviting tail...our bunch would pounce on it straight away.
    They've found the girls balls of orange wool that were stored in an accessible spot, and now each morning it's wind up the balls of wool ..they must have some brilliant midnight games...is all I can say

  3. We have three darlings and their favorite game is to try to trip you while you're walking across the room. It's very gray and icy here as well.

    Peace to you and yours.

  4. Maureen,
    Yes, I'm the one to do the seeking - and also try to fetch him when I find him.

    Yes, hibernating is absolutely the best - the only - way to survive the winter! I'm sure you need it too, and you might get your voice back if you take it easy and pamper yourself.

    perhaps he would learn to hide all of him if he had other cats to play with.
    He usually stays away from my things, but yesterday he couldn't resist a ball of yarn...

    Oh, I won't tell him that - that's something he hasn't come to think of - not yet.