torsdag 4 juni 2009


After a sunny and hot Pentecost (Whitsun) – yes we still observe Pentecost even if we had to give up the Pentecost Monday that was a holiday until last year. That because our country (or goverment or some to me unknown authority?) decided that we had to have a national day. June 6th has always been "the Swedish flag's day" but not a holiday – and why we had to turn it into a national day is beyond me.
Anyway, last weekend was beautiful and very summery – I hope that wasn't all summer we get! It is very windy and cold now – "tea-books-and fire-weather".
Still it happens so much in the garden that it is hard to keep up with everything that is popping up or blooming. The tree peonies first flower is about to open, yesterday was too windy to get a picture of anything not cast in concret but this morning I managed while the wind caught its breath.
One of my favorite flowers is shooting star (dodecateon). The first time I saw one was in in the Rocky Mountains many years ago. They don't grow wild here but I've found seeds and we have had them for many years now.

Gutenberg has been slow and grumpy lately – but so have I, so we're a nice pair – but I have some finds that I hope to come back to. The good thing with those finds are that they already are so old, that it really doesn't matter if I write about them today or next week!

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  1. It has been unseasonably cold here in Ohio, too. And just lately raining every day, which I should not complain about because our local farmers were unhappy with the dryness before. But I can't get into the garden to work! The soil is too wet. And I still have tomatoes and peppers on the deck waiting to be planted. I have one tree peony. One died a few years ago, but had seeded itself on a slope on the far side of the driveway. It's beautiful. I'd love to move it to a better place, but am cautiously letting well enough alone. I love this time of year with the long days!And today is sunny. Glad you are back!


  2. Kristi,
    It looks as we'll get somewhat better weather next week. I should use some time doing some of the more boring musts within the house now when it is too cold and wet outside...
    Peonies can be a bit finicky if moved, so maybe you should leave it where it is.
    I too love the long days - it never gets quite dark this time of the year here, even if we don't have the midnight sun on our latitude. It is hard to go to bed though...