söndag 12 april 2009

Another gorgeous day which I intend to spend on the veranda. I spent some time with Mr. Gutenberg yesterday and will write about some of the finds when I find the time.
At this time of the year I thought you might be interested in a cookbook I found some weeks ago “Many Ways for Cooking Eggs” by Mrs. S.T. Rorer.
Just before my computer decided it was time for a break Maureen asked me if we had any special Easter dishes. The death of the computer prevented me from the embarrassment of telling her that I have no idea. For two reasons I guess, first we’ve never been good at observing traditional holidays in our family – but also because we’re vegetarians and our eating habits are rather unorthodox. The only thing I can think of is salmon, I think it is a common Easter dish – but I’m not sure. But I know for sure that plenty of eggs are dyed and eaten.

From "The Farmer's Boy" by Randolph Caldecott

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