torsdag 14 augusti 2008

A Day In My Life

My darling wanted to get out 3:45. For some weeks it has been necessary to switch on the light when getting up during the night. I always miss the light nights when fall is sneaking in on us.
Started the day by feeding the washing machine — mainly with things that I don't have to mangle or iron as I won't have time for that today.

Met my darling on my way to the mailbox to pick up the morning paper. He had just finished his breakfast under the sumac. He was very talkative, had a lot to tell me from his night and wanted to get in and be tucked in bed.

Picking berries for breakfast was rather wet — even if the rain had ceased and the sun was trying hard to break through. But the berries were wet and I soon got wet too. Not much to choose from any longer — only two black currant bushes with large but not very sweet berries. Well, there are the cherries......

Breakfast on the tiny kitchen verandah as usual — you need to have some Viking blood in your veins to endure these not so warm mornings.
We stayed on the verandah until it was time for tea some hours later. As always I try to read and answer mails between breakfast and tea. It starts to rain when I'm on my way to pick up the mail — that means that I have to use the dryer instead of hanging the clothes on the line. One of the few things I miss in our old house is that there is no place to hang things to dry indoors.

I vacuum the kitchen, make some marmalade and roast sweet potatoes to go with the leftovers. While the oven is on I toast some almonds and rye flakes so I can make more müsli.
It was sunny and rather pleasant so we set the table on the verandah for dinner (we eat a rather early dinner, about 14:30) but as soon as we sat down to eat it started to rain and the temperature dropped.

It is IV-day, which means that I carry my portable infusion pump in a backpack. Even if I can move around freely it is a bit awkward to do certain things, so I try to plan life so I don't have to leave the house or do anything where I have to move around too much on these days. But I realized that it was the last day for some of the library books so I had to go to the library, and while I had the car out I went to buy some fresh fruit.

This is the back of our town hall where the library is situated. Even if I don't borrow any books a visit to the library usually takes some time as most of the staff are my friends and there is always plenty to talk about. Today Solveig, the librarian, was back from her vacation at a "säter", a summer farmstead. As all the Scandinavian countries, as well as some countries on the continent, we have a long tradition of bringing the cattle to a "säter" for grassing during the summer months. There are not so many of them left today, but a few enthusiasts are trying to keep and spread the tradition. Solveig is one of them, going up to the "säter" in early summer and staying there all summer, living without electricity and other modern facilities.

Back home I tidy up a bit in the guest room and hem another towel.

Handwoven from Interweave press came today and I intend to spend the rest of the evening with it. It is a good magazine, I've subscribed to it from the very beginning, but it isn't s good as it used to be. Maybe has it become too established and too much like any other magazine. I used to drop everything to read it cover to cover when it arrived but nowadays it happens that I forget to read it for several days.

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your day!

  2. Nice to see a new blog...with a cat!

  3. Beautiful pictures and a lovely day

  4. I loved reading about your day. It felt very peaceful and centered.