onsdag 27 augusti 2008

Best Way to Read a Book


Best Way to Read a Book

Best way to read a book I know
Is get a lad of six or so,
And curl him up upon my knee
Deep in a big arm chair, where we
Can catch the warmth of blazing coals,
And then let two contented souls
Melt into one, old age and youth,
Sharing adventure's marvelous truth.
I read a page, and then we sit
And talk it over, bit by bit;
Just how the pirates looked, and why
They flung a black flag to the sky.
We pass no paragraph without
First knowing what it's all about,
And when the author starts a fight
We join the forces that are right.
We're deep in Treasure Island, and
From Spy Glass Hill we've viewed the land;
Through thickets dense we've followed Jim
And shared the doubts that came to him.
We've heard Cap. Smollett arguing there
With Long John Silver, gaunt and spare,
And mastering our many fears
We've battled with those buccaneers.
Best way to read a book I've found
Is have a little boy around
And take him up upon your knee;
Then talk about the tale, till he
Lives it and feels it, just as you,
And shares the great adventure, too.
Books have a deep and lasting joy
For him who reads them to his boy.
Yesterday was Edgar E. Guest's birthday and I intended to post this poem but before I got that far I was too tired to think straight — so I went to bed instead.
Even if I'm not a boy and we never read about pirates, this poem brings back so many sweet memories from the time my father read to me before tucking me in bed.

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  1. I really, really love his poems. They tell whole stories in just a few words. Thanks for this one; I'd never heard it. Cute, cute little you (it is you, isn't it?) in that picture!

  2. I'm treasuring these days with my little boy. These days he is half way between 6 and 7 and we are usually taking turns reading the pages of a book to each other.

  3. The best way to bring up children is to read to them and as they become older share read with them, this helped my children to become better students when entering school. I like your blogs, just coming by to say hi.