tisdag 6 april 2010


Most of the snow is gone.
Most of the ice on the river is gone.
A few, very few, flowers have dared to come up.
The darling is spending more time outside than in — and his waist is starting to show.
It is Spring!

We have had quite an assortment of workmen coming and going — going more than coming. The plumber left us with water only in the kitchen and one toilet, and no shower, before Easter. And remember that Sweden closes on the evening of Maundy Thursday and is closed until Tuesday morning! It was bad planning, not an emergency, a job planned in advance! But this morning two nice guys came and put up the new shower and gave us the water back. Now we're waiting for the carpenter to turn up again — he was here before Easter to remove the threshold, to make it easier for my mother to move around with her walker. But he disappeared with the plumber — perhaps he needs the moral support from his friend to be able to work...
We have waited so long for this to happen, I do hope something will happen very soon. We're also waiting for workmen to install a stairway elevator, but fear we have to wait some more

3 kommentarer:

  1. I am so glad that Spring has arrived and that you water but I wish I could shake up the carpenter and elevator fixer for you! I hope all will be well very soon.

  2. Maureen and Jodi,
    I too, wish you could shake up those guys!
    At least we have a bathroom with water now!