söndag 11 april 2010

Alive, if not exactly kicking

A High Kicking Dancer
Ferdinand von Reznicek
not this high anyway. But my legs, are moving slowly — just like the rest of the body.
Some of you have written and asked if I'm OK.
There are several reason that I've been so remiss in blogging. Brain fog and lack of energy are a couple of reasons, but also having workmen here and trying not to miss several appointments.

Spring is here and we've been sitting outside all afternoon today — for the first time this year. My darling loves when the door is open and he can come and go as he likes. And I love to watch him, when he's sniffing in the air, and checking out every square inch of his property.

If you wonder if I'm alive, you can always check my Swedish blog — and get Google's version of my life. I can't guarantee that you'll understand the translation, but I can guarantee some confusion and a chuckle or two.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I prefer to stay in this blog (though you show beautiful photos in your Swedish blog !), as I only once tried to understand a Google translation. It was most funny and not comprehensible at all. It's good to read that you are ok and enjoying the first Spring days in your surroundings. Take care!
    Besides, it's always a pleasure to look at the reading people in your pictures. This time I like most the two monks ;-) !

  2. Barbara,
    Hope that you too are enjoying the spring!
    Yes, Google's translations can be very confusing - and rather amusing, especially if you happen to understand both languages.
    The monks are one of my favorites too - for some reason they reminds me of Käthe Kollwitz and her art.
    Take care!