söndag 18 oktober 2009

A gray day

Also days like today, when it is gray, are beautiful in a subdued way.
But it is nice to come back home to tea with scones and blueberry marmalade by the fire.

There is another art theme on my Swedish blog – with very little, if any, text.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Looks like a yummy tea for the end of an Autumn day!

  2. Val,
    Yes, it is those indoors pleasures that helps us through the winter.
    I've never been to Alaska, and although I know it is beautiful, I don't think I'd appreciate your winters.

  3. I appreciate gray days because plants and trees appear to glow. At least, to me. :)

  4. Kristi,
    Yes, and it's a feeling we have to get used to as it looks as this is the kind of weather we'll have for a while.

    Gray days can be lovely, but unfortunately you have to be fit for brisk walks if you want to be out and enjoy it - and I'm not, and my mother who can't walk becomes housebound in this kind of weather.