torsdag 31 juli 2008

Grass, memories and berries

Some time ago I managed to ruin the knives on one of the mowers. What you can learn from this is that you never should let the grass grow so high that you can't see what is lying in the grass. It happened on a Friday — and the shop was closing for a week's vacation. But this morning a guy came to fetch the rider, he was quite young and was pierced wherever you could get pierced — and probably some other parts too, but I didn't check....
I got the machine back within an hour and since rain was predicted for the afternoon I went straight to the studio where the grass was in desperate need of cutting. Sitting there on a rider gives you plenty of time to think — even if my brain was slowly melting and evaporating in the heat. Today my thoughts went back to the summer when I was thirteen and got my ears pierced. I would never had done that had my friend not needed moral support. It was this time of the year when we first went to our small town's jeweler and watchmaker. He told us to come back by the end of August as he didn't want to do it during the dog days. From there my thoughts went to the occasion when I pierced a friends ears — she didn't feel anything which was good for me as it took some time and I had to decide which one of the three holes on the back of one ear I should use. I enjoyed doing it and was considering a future in surgery. The only one who didn't enjoy it was a third girl, the one who needed my moral support to get her ears pierced, she sat with her back to us with her fingers in her ears reading a magazine

It is almost two years since my father died and I'm still learning how to use his tools and machines. Today I managed to figure out how to unfold a ladder, so I could pick some of the cherries. Even with a ladder most of the berries are without my reach. Think I can be happy if I get enough for one pie.
It is almost bed time and it hasn't started to rain although we've heard the thunder.
Yesterday I saw a star for the first time this summer — the days are getting shorter. Now at ten o'clock it still quite ligth but in an hour we will be able to see a few stars.

Reading is something that has to wait — in September when we are going back to the island I'll do nothing but read — and maybe watch the stars.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I don't have a cherry tree in the garden here. We had one in Hampshire but the birds always got to the cherries before I could. I don't think I ever picked enough for a pie but the blossom was so pretty that I didn't mind.

  2. For some reason we havent' had so many fieldfares this years - maybe because of the dry spring and not many insects - which means that there are all these berries in the top of the tree. But when I went to pick the gooseberries yesterday they were all gone!

  3. I love, love the ladder picture. I'm sorry about your dad.