tisdag 17 juni 2008


I'm running around trying to be efficient while the sad truth is that I hardly know what I'm doing.
Piles are growing high on the floor, lists are growing very long in the computer and heaps of clothes are everywhere. We're going to the island in a week. Two weeks in my paradise on earth.
It takes a lot of planning since there are no shops on the island and we have to carry everything up to the cottage from the boat. Well, that's a qualified truth - our neighbor’s kind and strong teenagers meet us when we arrive and before we are half way up they are on their way back after carrying all our stuff up to our cottage. Food for body and spirit for two weeks — it is surprisingly heavy. As I can't get on-line from there I'll lose myself in real books.
But also just sit and look out over the Baltic Sea.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Well, that sounds absolutely heavenly! What a way to reconnect with so many things! Have a great trip :)

  2. Do I recognize theVirginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell book? :<) I haven't read my copy yet. I wish you a wonderful time. It sounds so good to be away from the world in this way.

  3. Yes, it is Jane Dunn's book about the sisters. I think I have to reread it — at least parts of it as I finished it at hospital and I probably lost a lot. Hospitals are not the right place to read this kind of books that require concentration.
    It's a pity that the illustrations all are in black and white — even if I have most of them in other books some were new to me, and especially the paintings should be seen in color.
    This year I'll bring another interesting book that also is about (at least partly) the Bloomsbury group: "Among the Bohemians — experiment in living 1900 - 1939" by Virginia Nicholson (Vanessa's grand daughter).

  4. This is wonderful. I hope to see the Baltic sea before I die, but maybe only in your photographs. Have a wonderful time of peace!