lördag 22 juni 2013

Barefoot time

Oh, the golden age of the barefoot time,
While life was a fairy tale sung in rhyme,
When phantoms grim of a future day
Were hid in the mists of the far away;
When we carved for ourselves from our June daydreams
(Only yesterday now it seems),
Statues of greatness, Jim and I,
In the mystical realm of the By-and-By!
Off for a swim on an afternoon,—
The moments—why would they fly so soon!
At the gate stood mother, who never was strong:
“I shall worry, boys, if you stay too long.”

Gone are the days of the long ago,—
O lagging Time, now you move so slow!
The rosy skies of our barefoot days
Lie hidden from view by a misty haze.
Jim he got tired and slipped away,—
Left me alone to swim and play;
The statues of greatness—in vain we planned,—
Never appeared from the sculptor’s hand!
And there came a day, I its reckoning keep,
When mother, worn out, just dropped asleep,—
Her voice melting into an angel’s song:
“I shall wait at the Gate, so don’t stay too long.”

           from The Barefoot Time
                                      by Adelbert Farrington Caldwell

4 kommentarer:

  1. What a sad, poignant poem, Margaretha. I suppose everyone has moments of looking back on childhood with longing but I hope we can still enjoy some barefoot days in the sun. I hope that summer has arrived for you.

    1. Maureen,
      Yes, it is sad - I almost removed it, when I reread it and realized how sad it was.
      Summer is here, a lovely summer, a bit on the cool side, and mixed weather.
      The garden keeps me busy - whenever I have time and the strenght, to spend time there.

  2. A sad poem and I hope your mother is still well. I do love the internet for knowing people I would never have otherwise known, but sometimes it feels too distant. Be well, dear Margaretha.

    1. Kristi,
      I too, love the internet for getting new friends. But I'm not very good at keeping up with them. Wasn't it Samuel Johnson who said you "should keep your friendship in constant repair"? Dare I guess, he had servants.
      Considering my mothers age and ailments, she is doing fine - but she needs me all the time.
      Have a grand summer!