fredag 1 juni 2012


 O month whose promise and fulfilment blend,
And burst in one! it seems the earth can store
In all her roomy house no treasure more;
Of all her wealth no farthing have to spend
On fruit, when once this stintless flowering end.
And yet no tiniest flower shall fall before
It hath made ready at its hidden core
Its tithe of seed, which we may count and tend
Till harvest. Joy of blossomed love, for thee
Seems it no fairer thing can yet have birth?
No room is left for deeper ecstasy?
Watch well if seeds grow strong, to scatter free
Germs for thy future summers on the earth.
A joy which is but joy soon comes to dearth.
.................From A Calendar of Sonnets by Helen Hunt

4 kommentarer:

  1. I do like Helen Hunt! Enjoy your summer friend.

    1. Thank you Jodi,
      Wishing you a lovely summer!

  2. May and then June seem the loveliest time of year, much as I love autumn, winter and summer...These months, especially June, must be astonishing as far north as you are!

    1. Kristi,
      Yes, summer is a lovely time here - I love the light nights. Right now it's very wet and cold though.