tisdag 14 februari 2012

A suggestion

 In case you’re without something to read today — I have a most appropriate suggestion. Old Valentines A Love Story by Munson Aldrich Havens.

"May I call you Phyllis?" asked John, breaking the silence suddenly.
"Why, yes; if you wish—and if you think you ought, you know."

"Well, then,—Phyllis. Your name has become to me the one name worth saying in the world. Ever since I met you for the first time, four months ago, I have been saying it, Phyllis; but I wanted to say it to you. So with your face: I know every mood of you by the lights and shadows of it. I can see it in your absence, almost as well as when I am with you. Your dear, sweet face, Phyllis, and your crown of gold, and your loyal eyes, I know by heart, as well as your name. Dear Phyllis. And I know, too, your quick and beautiful mind; its clear, wise judgment of the true and the false. I know its freedom from selfishness, and all littleness. I know its purity and its steadfastness I know your capable hands, Phyllis, and your eager, pitying heart,—for I have seen them at work day after day, and week after week. I love you, my dearest, and I must tell you so. I think I have loved you longer than I have known you, but I know I have loved you as long. Perhaps you can care for me, and perhaps you can't. Sometimes I have dared to hope you might, but almost always I have known it was too high a hope. For I am only a poor poet, with nothing but faith in myself and love for you to offer. I know you have everything; a beautiful home, and beautiful clothes, and beautiful jewels, probably, though I haven't seen them. Every wish of yours is answered almost before you know it is yours. Life's promise to you is the earth and the fullness thereof; and I offer you only love. But in the end I shall win, Phyllis, I am perfectly certain of that. I shall never, never be rich; possibly never even well-to-do; but I love you, Phyllis; I love you. I want to ask you to wait for me—and be my wife."

3 kommentarer:

  1. Wow! Thank you for the recommendation. Never heard of it or the author. Makes you wonder how many hidden treasures there are in this world.

  2. Happy Valentine's day, Margaretha.

  3. Nan,
    I haven't heard of this author either - and I can't find any information about him.
    I'm sure that the world is full of hidden treasures - and most of them will remain hidden!

    Thank you Jodi,
    Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day with your loved ones!