söndag 1 januari 2012

Simple books for a simple mind

 January.—Now the weather is very cold. There are no leaves upon the trees. The ground is frozen quite hard. Perhaps it is covered with snow. Every thing looks very cold and comfortless. A little boy or girl, when out of humor, reminds me of this month. Bring plenty of wood and make a good fire, that we may warm ourselves.
From “The Twelve Months of the Year, with a Picture for each Month. Adapted to Northern Latitudes”, author Unknown

Well, it’s not very cold — after two very cold winters with plenty of snow, this unusually mild winter is a blessing. We’ve had a few cold spells, but it has never been below -15°C (5°F). 

A fire, books, music, tea and a purring cat are the perfekt ingrediens for a pleasant winter - even if it isn’t very cold. After an autumn with a bit too much of almost everything, it’s very healing to to listen to the fire while you nod off, with a book in your lap. 
I’ve heard so much about “Miss Silver”, everybody seems to love Patricia Wentworth books about her, but I haven’t read any of the books until now. And I was hooked after the first paragraph! I meant to read them in order, but the first book ("Gray Mask") isn’t available here, so I started with “The Case is Closed”, and have ordered two more in the series. I don’t think I can get hold of them all, but intend to read as many as I can lay my hands on.

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  1. roligt att du tycker om miss silver. jag har inte läst alla men många och gillar henne.