onsdag 2 november 2011

Gutenberg, Myrtle and I

I can only find two pictures of Myrtle Reed, this is one of them. Not that it is that important to know what she looked like — or when and where she was born. It’s her books that I’m interested in — I’ve read some of her novels, but I didn’t know, until recently that she also wrote cook books.
“The Myrtle Reed Cook Book” was released some weeks ago, and I immediately got lost in it. There is one chapter called ”Raised Breakfast Rolls”, where I found these Swedish Rolls:
Use any plain roll mixture. When shaping for the last rising, roll the dough very thin, spread with softened butter, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon, and add a few cleaned currants, bits of citron, and stoned raisins. Roll the dough like jelly cake, cut in half-inch slices from the ends, arrange flat in a well-buttered pan, let rise until double in bulk, and bake as usual.

My interest in food and recipes is more theoretical than practical, so I doubt I’ll try those rolls. But there is actually one recipe I’ve already tried. I’d never heard of chestnut salads, so I had to try that:
Mix boiled chestnuts with bananas and oranges, or English walnuts with cheese and celery, or with apples and figs, or with cream cheese and figs, or pecans with apples, celery, and cream cheese. Serve with French dressing made with wine or lemon-juice or with Mayonnaise made without mustard and whitened with whipped cream.

I roasted my chestnuts and mixed them with an apple, some celery and walnuts. Mayonnaise sounded too rich so I made an ordinary vinaigrette. It didn’t look very appealing, but I found it delicious.

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  1. Flette-Mette,
    Vi är tydligen ute och går samtidigt!
    Jag tror inte att du kommer att bli besviken.

  2. That salad looks and sounds yummy...we'll try the rolls recipe for you :0)

  3. Val,
    I can recommend the salad!
    You have to let me know how the rolls turn out!

  4. Oh, the rolls sound so good. Will I make them? I hope so. I've meant to read Lavender and Old Lace for ages. That is the title right?

  5. Nan,
    Yes, ”Lavender and Old Lace” is the title of one of her books. I read it and ”A Spinner in the Sun” some years ago. I enjoyed them, but not so much that I wanted to read more by her pen - at least not right away. I started to read ”At the Sign of the Jack O'Lantern” the other night (on Halloween actually, thought it was proper reading) but I don’t know if I’ll finish it.
    I’m sure the rolls are good - if you like sweet bread - so I hope to hear how you like them.

  6. I've enjoyed the few books by Myrtle Reed that I've read but never heard of the cook book. That salad sounds wonderful.

  7. Kristi,
    I didn't know about her cook books either. She wrote several, have I read.
    Do try the salad if you get a chance!