lördag 23 oktober 2010

Autumn Reflections
Armand Tatossian
September slipped by into a gold and crimson graciousness of October.
_ _ _

It was accordingly arranged that they should walk, and the following afternoon they set out, going by way of Lover's Lane to the back of the Cuthbert farm, where they found a road leading into the heart of acres of glimmering beech and maple woods, which were all in a wondrous glow of flame and gold, lying in a great purple stillness and peace.

"It's as if the year were kneeling to pray in a vast cathedral full of mellow stained light, isn't it?" said Anne dreamily. "It doesn't seem right to hurry through it, does it? It seems irreverent, like running in a church."
............. From Anne Of Avonlea by Lucy Maud Montgomery

2 kommentarer:

  1. Oj, vilken härlig bild, målning. Den gillades skarpt
    av Karin
    som tycker om varma färger

  2. Karin,
    ja, det är verklig höstglöd - skulle kunna vara från Lappland.
    i ett betydligt gråbrunare landskap