tisdag 2 mars 2010

Reading today

Woman Reading

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  1. I ought to say - because I look at them everyday - that i abslotlutely love the pictures that you select for your blog. They are each thought provoking and rather beautiful.

    Many thanks,

  2. I almost think I've seen this one before. What a lot of paintings Addall has done that are on this theme of reading, and what a distinctive style.

  3. Sorry about misspelling Addinall! And yesterday's painting is the one I want to walk right into! But I will soon. Saturday I leave for two weeks in Venice, Florida.

  4. Hello Hannah,
    It is nice to meet you!
    I'm glad you like the pictures, it is so much fun looking for them.

    Yes, she has quite a few Reading pictures - but this was the last one. Maybe I'll show some of her other paintings another time.
    Have a nice trip to Florida - sounds perfect this time of the year!