torsdag 27 augusti 2009

A tour in my neighborhood

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  1. What breath-taking beauty. Thank you for sharing your neighbourhood. I am surprised that you could tear yourself away from those lovely Folio books to take us on the tour, though.

    I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the books. I have all except the Gombrich. I love reading about the Middle Ages and "The Language Instinct" was referred to constantly in my work.

  2. Maureen,
    Yes, I live in a beautiful area.
    I have to admit that the books are still waiting to be read.
    Children's books are more my level right now - preferably picture books!
    who is sitting on the verandah, with my darling in the lap (kind of crowded with both cat and laptop), listening to the rain.

  3. Oh, it is so beautiful where you live! We are a little too warm to have wild birch trees, though I have a beautiful river birch in my garden......And the river! I wish I had one!

    I'm just back from a week helping my daughter with a darling but colicky newborn daughter and enjoying catching up with all the posts I've missed.

  4. Welcome back Kristi!
    I certainly appreciate living in this area where we still have lots of unspoiled nature.
    It is too cold for quite a few plants - but I don't think it is too warm for anything here!

  5. Your neighbourhood reminds me very much - sorry - of landscapes and areas in Finland where I stayed when I was young. Unspoilt nature, beautiful forests and lakes. At that time I felt in love with birches (and later I planted two of these trees in my garden). And above all this very special light, lasting long. We were reading then, sitting in a little boat, until almost midnight. I guess, this you can do in Sweden too (I've only been to Stockholm and its surroundings), can't you?! Wishing you warm and sunny late summer days!

  6. Barbara,
    There are so many beautiful places - and similar - in the Nordic countries.
    One of my Swiss friends brought a birch back to Dornach - but I don't know if it still is alive since she has moved into Basel now.
    Yes, our summer nights are lighter than yours - but where I live, on the sixties latitude, the sun disappears for some hours.