torsdag 30 juli 2009

A stroll in the park

The guests have left and the rain arrived. That's what I call timing! It was sunny yesterday when we visited Rottneros, a park not far from where I live. We strolled in the park for nearly three hours, looking at flowers and sculptures – and had a good time together. Not all flowers were labeled, so sometimes we had to guess what kind of flowers we admired.
Let's take a walk through the park.

This sculpure by Carl Eldh
is called

You can find Siamese twins
even among flowers.

6 kommentarer:

  1. What a wonderful park. Thank you for sharing it through your beautiful pictures.

  2. Maureen,
    Yes, it is a wonderful park. It's quite a while since we were there, so my mother and I decided to return soon. And next year we´ll buy season tickets.
    I'll bring you there when you come to see me!

  3. Dear Em, What a lovely park and what great pictures....I am downstairs now where my cookbooks are, although I don't find the book with the recipe I usually use for the toasted hazelnut torte. But here is another one, very good.
    3/4 hazelnuts toasted and ground after the outer brown part is rubbed off. 1/2 pound unsweetened chocolate. 1/2 pound sweet butter. 1/2 pound sugar. 6 egg whites. a pinch of salt. butter flour and Mocha filling (to follow) and whipped cream...............

    soften the chocolate in a double boiler. cool it. whip butter and sugar until foamy and then gently whip in the softened chocolate and hazelnut flour...whip egg whites and fold into the choc.hazelnut mix.
    butter a baking sheet 17 by 12 inches. flour it lightly. Pour in the cake batter. Bake in a 375degree preheated oven. Cool and remove carefully from pan and cut the cake into 3 equal pieces. Put mocha filling between layers and frost top and sides with it.

    Mocha filling.
    1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 cup very strong espresso coffee, 1/4 pound semisweet chocolate softened, 1/3 pound of butter, 6 egg yolks...

    Boil sugar and coffee about 4 or 5 minutes until syrupy. Cool. Mix in chocolate and butter. While constantly stirring add the egg yolks one by one and continue stirring until the filling thickens. Cool.

    There is no flour in this cake. I have seen Jewish Hungarian recipes for it that do include pulverized matzoh.

  4. So kind of you to share your recipe. Thank you Kristi!
    It is up now - I strongly dislike the taste of coffee so I'll make it with another filling - maybe only chocolate will work.

  5. Maybe we were there at the same day?,its a great park
    Im so found of Eldh`s work!
    Did you visit Kristinehamn?There is a wonderful pice of Picasso there.Its fantastic!Hope to heare from yoy soon...

    Love from me!

  6. Ingmarie,
    som jag sa' på din blogg var det ju synd att vi inte visste att vi skulle vara på samma ställe samtidigt.
    Rottneros är verkligen sevärt,vi tänker köpa säsongs biljett där nästa år.
    Jag har inte varit i Kristinehamn på evigheter, kanske är dags för en utflykt.